We provide facilitation for Boards, public policy groups and others struggling with getting along and getting things done. Facilitation can make all the difference. We have also helped many organizations define new goals, develop strategic plans and even launch new products.

In 2005, the Northwest Area Foundation launched its Great Strides Award for communities making progress in reducing poverty. The Great Strides Award grew out of a process designed in collaboration with Foundation staff, and facilitated by Diane Morehouse. In severa days, the participants together defined the criteria for the award, recommended application and screening criteria, and even played games. One such game produced the award’s “award winning” title.

The challenge was getting elected Board members and staff of six often-competing educational organizations to come to some agreement on three issues that divided them: teacher tenure, site-based decision-making and collective bargaining. Diane Morehouse was the facilitator for three highly successful Shared Decisions sessions, each involving 125 participants, working together for the first time. These sessions have resulted in an unprecedented l evel of cooperation among the six statewide organizations.

A Few of Our Facilitation Clients:

  • The Northwest Area Foundation
  • Shared Decisions Minnesota (The MN School Boards Association and five others)
  • The Northland Foundation Board of Directors
  • The University of Minnesota Board of Regents
  • The Wisconsin Farmland Conservancy
  • Family Tree Clinic