What clients are saying about Diane Morehouse and QED

“How often does an evaluation read like a great story unfolding? And how often is the evaluator a great storyteller? Folks, meet Diane Morehouse. For six years she chronicled an initiative involving nearly 300 tiny rural and reservation communities across eight states. Every few months,  she was able to tell us whether the work we were doing with these communities was meeting outcomes and making a difference. What we knew instinctively and by anecdote,  she was able to verify with clear, compelling data. She navigated the internal politics of the funding organization and the complex relationships with nearly a dozen major grantees. She became a trusted voice on the phone as she interviewed hundreds of “ordinary folks” who were trying to improve their impoverished communities. This alone would have made her heroic. Yet, she added so much more: fierce commitment to the independence and integrity of an external evaluation, a willingness to teach all of us how to construct and implement an evaluation framework, and the ability to tell the compelling evaluation story in ways that made us all do better work along the way. And, she did it with collegiality and a raucous sense of fun! I can’t wait to work with her again!!”

Jean Burkhardt
Program Lead, Horizons
Northwest Area Foundation 2002-2008


“Diane Morehouse and the evaluation experts at QED were vital partners in the success and evaluation of a multi-year, seven state community leadership program to address poverty. The services provided were outstanding and the evaluation methods used were creative and based on sound research. QED worked diligently to gather meaningful programmatic data through qualitative interviews, focus groups, blogs and various reports by community members and delivery organizations. QED’s high quality reports synthesized the data with an attention to detail while at the same time were easily understood and useable by all entities involved in the program. I would highly recommend QED for their evaluation processes and products as well as their attention to detail and careful planning with clientele.”

Lynette Flage, Ph.D.
NDSU Extension Service Northeast District Director
North Dakota State University


“I have worked with Diane Morehouse on various projects for over twenty years, and she continues to be one of the most responsive, thoughtful, productive and creative evaluators I’ve known. As Vice President of Community Philanthropy and Programs for the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, I observed Diane’s masterful leadership of an internal/external evaluation team to evaluate the girlsBEST Initiative from 2004 – 2007, a statewide program to build the economic readiness of underserved and underrepresented girls in Minnesota. Diane was instrumental in helping WFM look at the short and long term impacts of programming on girls. Diane’s ability to gather culturally relevant and sensitive quantitative and qualitative data is notable, making her one of the best evaluators I’ve seen in multicultural environments and settings. Her writing skills are also exemplary. I look forward to many more opportunities to work with Diane in the coming years!”

Carol McGee Johnson, President
Evaluation Arts

“As we reflect on our journey of the past several years, we want to extend a special heartfelt thank you to you for being such an integral part of our work.  The entire time we worked with you we felt we were on the same team.  You were instrumental in helping the Project Ujima family identify that which we needed to measure, how to measure it and identify areas that needed attention or adjustment along the way to enable the Project to be successful.  You served as our critical, though ever so gentle, warm and compassionate friend, sharing your observations and suggestions with us, all the while being sensitive to and mindful of the cultural nuances of our community.  It is so difficult to identify indicators for this critical, though often elusive, kind of community capacity-raising work that we do; yet you struggled along side us as we worked together to do just that.  You have a knack for working with a community to develop realistic, aspirational, yet measurable leading and lagging indicators of success.  You have a keen understanding of the complexities of this kind of work.  We have used your evaluations to help shore up our work, market our successes and help define for ourselves and others our progress and our challenges.  For that we shall be forever grateful.”

Crystal L. Jones, J.D

Susan Z. Vogelsang, M.A

Co-Managers Project Ujima


“I have had the honor of working with Diane in her role as lead evaluator for the Horizons Project – an eight state program funded by the Northwest Area Foundation. The Horizons Project is conducted by university based extension organizations and focuses on poverty reduction through community leadership development and family wealth creation. Ferreting out the positive impacts of the program has been a challenging undertaking. Diane has done an excellent job of soliciting both quantitative and qualitative data in support of her findings and done her work in a fashion that has shown respect for low income populations, sensitivity to the challenges faced by the intermediary organizations conducting the work and fidelity to funder’s need to understand the efficacy of the overall program. Diane has a sharp analytic mind, great people skills and a kind heart, a rare amalgamation in an evaluator. She has worked very successfully with university based programs in evaluating the Horizon Project. And she interacts very well with everyone; whatever their station in life, education level or current economic circumstance.”

Robert H. McDaniel, PhD
Program Director for Community/Economic Development
Washington State University Extension

For more information call 715.309.4150 or email diane@qedeval.com.